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KEmulator - Temporary solution for free browsing for Globe Tattoo Modem Users

Philipine ISP’s are blocking VPN’s nation wide and online mobile browser handlers survived. Take note, “mobile”. But wait, we can make it work on a PC/Laptop. Thanks to KEmulator that allows you to run mobile applications like Opera Mini on your computer.


  • Globe Tattoo Modem
  • Globe Prepaid(NOT Tattoo) SIM with zero load balance
  • Sun Java JRE (Download here)
  • KEmulator (Download here)
  • Opera Mini 6.5(Download here) or any mobile browser with working trick using myGlobe CONNECT profile.
  • Common sense

Let’s start…

NOTE: If Vista, Windows 7, or later: Run as administrator

  1. Run and install Sun Java JRE.
  2. Extract KEmulator.rar
  3. Create a new connection profile in your Globe Tattoo Dashboard: APN: www.globe.com.ph / Access No.: *99# 
  4. Inside the KEmulator folder, run"KEMULATOR.JAR"
  5. In your KEmulator click "View> Option> Network" and setup the following: ProxyType: HTTP Proxy / Host: / Port: 8080 then press Connect
  6. Back to KEmulator, click Midlet> Load jar… then select the Opera Mini 6.5 you’ve downloaded. 
  7. Wait for Opera Mini to finish installing and boom! Happy browsing.. :D

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